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Cardiac - Respiratory Amplifier MS2000

The MS2000 is a portable Cardiac-Respiratory amplifier for interfacing to computer.

It was originally custom made for the dept. of Cardiology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK.

As well as cardiac and respiratory outputs it also has a breathing training

Cardiac function

3 Sensor input

Sensor position selector switch

6 position High Pass filter selector switch. (0.03Hz,0.1Hz,0.3Hz,1Hz,2Hz,3Hz)

6 position Gain control switch

Heartbeat output to computer ( +/- 5V ) (BNC connector)

6 position Low Pass filter switch (35Hz,75Hz,100Hz,200Hz,300Hz,500Hz)

Heartbeat output LED/beeper

Respiratory function

Dual Strain gauge respiratory sensor input.

Adjustable body strap.

Adjustable output gain.

Adjustable output baseline. (On sensor)

Respiratory output to computer ( +/- 5V)  (BNC connector)

Breathing training function

Adjustable LED / headphone output (0.1Hz to 0.3Hz)

Instrument Status function

Battery low warning LED

Power supply fault LED

Battery Boost Charge LED.(Plug in Mains lead)

> 8 hours continuous useage on fully charged battery.

Battery Trickle Charge LED.(Plug in Mains lead)

Automatic Power cut off when battery too low.

Dimensions / weight

Width 280mm , Height 78mm , Depth 250mm.

Weight 2Kg (with 2.1Ah 12V lead-acid battery)

(2.1Ah battery is standard but larger battery can be fitted)