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We have produced a number of different sound modules for

customers based on ISD Digital Sound record / playback ICs.

Some of the projects include :

A 1 minute  sound module and speaker for MDS built into a limited edition diecast engine model  of the winning F1 McLaren engine which was given to the McLaren drivers, and to Ilmore , McLaren, and Mercedes executives.

A number of other modules for MDS including Suburu and a

Spitfire Merlin engine.

A 1 minute sound module and speaker built into a limited edition Combine Harvester model for Country Artists in Stratford.

A talking mechanical scarecrow for “Webbs of Wychbold” for BBC Gardeners World exhibition at the NEC   Birmingham.

A prototype sound module for a scale model of a Panzer tank for

Armortek which had joystick proportional engine revving sound ,

machine guns, engine start up and stop.

As you can see, these are very versatile and effective add ons to projects.

Sound Modules

Sound(s) can be recorded directly onto Digital Sound ICs and played back in response to button presses or other triggers. The ICs are fitted onto  modules and these can be stand alone battery powered units and can either play 1 minute of reasonable quality sound or a number of smaller messages.

When amplified and connected to a good quality loudspeaker, the sound quality is far better than cheap novelty or toy units.